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Clients Testimonial

"Easy Financing Company were brilliant at handling the whole process of our funding. From application to crediting our account, the process was quick and very easy. we were able to secure funds at an affordable rate which has enabled our business to grow quickly."Now we understand the company name Easy Finance Limited.

Lee Wan Thong, Finance director

A&G Holding Co. Ltd, Indonesia.


"Thank you for all your efforts and long late hours spent in helping us achieve successful funding for the purchase of the Castle Apartment complex worth over 30 million Pounds. Seeking commercial financing during the financial crisis is not easy. We found the local lenders were unable to offer reasonable financing given their weakened position. With your diligence and knowledge of international lending sources we were able to secure competitive long term financing at 3.93% interest rate per annual.

I recommend anyone seeking commercial financing should enlist your experience and guidance.

I will be sure to contact you for my next purchase or re-finance."

James Peterson,Vice-Chairman

Greenland Properties Limited, United Kingdom.


We’ve had a great commercial lending relationship with Easy Finance company for over 3 years. We can close fast and they handle the processing grunt work that takes up too much of our time. It’s nice to be able offer our clients a commercial lending program that really works for them. There are many good, deserving commercial borrowers that we can help that are routinely turned down by the banks. I look forward to stepping it up and doing more commercial loans this year!

Maria Eliade,Ass. Finance Adviser

Arton Global Capital , Romania.


As a international financial consultant, we have a lot of client requesting business/commercial finance but it was so difficult to get a reliable finance company to fund our clients. Last three years, A business associate introduced us to a reliable finance company in Hong Kong (EASY FINANCE LIMITED) we contacted them with a client that need a commercial loan of 50 Million Dollars and after meeting their credit requirement the deal was successfully closed. They are great to work with and deliver. Recently they helped our foreign client in Cambodia close a huge project deal in 3 weeks. WOW…No one else could get this deal done in that time frame. Watch-out for outfits that charge upfront fee, and can’t deliver.

Ahmad Hasad,Financial Consultant

Ed-mar Capital Management, United Arab Emirates.


 “When we were looking to move to China we were referred to Easy Finance Limited. Our company was in its infancy approximately two years old. They worked with us in purchasing our first big machinery and since has worked with us on all projects that we have done. This work has included major capital expenditures for processing equipment to land expansion and new buildings. MR. LU SHUCHUN HEE has played a big part in our growth. It has been a pleasure to work with not only Mr. Hee but the entire staff at Easy Finance Limited. With deep sincerity we would like to thank you for your support.”

Tiong Wo Chan,CFO

Alpha Machinery Group Limited,Hong Kong.


"Easy Finance Hong Kong handled our Energy Project application and understood our Finance needs and how our business works with true professionalism. They put a lot of hard work and effort into getting the correct funding for us. A great personal service is what we received. Will be using them again. Would highly recommend"

Chris Lyons,Managing Director

Photo voltaic Energy/Technology Limited,United State.


"We are a family business that owns and operates Commercial, Multi-Family and Single Family real estate. We buy, broker and manage real estate for ourselves and selected clients. I met Easy finance through my son-in-law Roberto Esposito. Rob introduced us to Easy finance to help us refinance a shopping center that we own. We had just been rejected for financing on this center through another very experienced broker. It was October 2015 and the economic downturn was all over the news, daily. Everyone was saying that there was no financing available, and I was resigned to being held up by the lender we were with at the time.

They promised to re finance us after their due diligence process and they did it, and they are now the first person we contact when we are considering a purchase. I cannot stress enough the contribution that easy finance makes toward our process of buying and financing. Thank you, Easy Finance."

Rosa Alfonsi,Estate consultant/Broker

Global innovation and Development Co,Itay


EFL, by far, is one of the commercial lenders to do business with. We have been originating loans with them for over 4 years and find their business financing process to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to close loans for our commercial borrowers. EFL takes time to understand a borrower’s needs, where banks have failed to do so. They will continue to be one of our top lenders to do business with.

“We recently closed a large business deal with Easy finance group ltd and was amazed at the speed and ease of the transaction. The process went far more smoothly than what I anticipate from a typical commercial lender.”

Leon Burkhalter,Chairman 

Creto Int Finance Group Ltd ,Switzerland.


"As a small business owner, we have worked really hard to bring in new sales and grow our business.

However every now and then we need a helping hand with some extra funding for about 5million Usd that allows us to move onto bigger projects and have more flexibility. We went to our bank and usual sources but as usual they said no. After speaking to an international business partner and friend in Romanian who had used Easy Finance financing company before, we contacted them for some advice at first about what to do. They gave us some great options which includes some deposit of set-up fees and within a day had got us a plan of action. We decided to proceed and within a few days we had the funding we wanted in our bank! The advice and time they gave us was so valuable, something banks would not do or provide. If you are a small business looking for funding, Easy Finance is the best person to speak to!"

Juan Rodriguez,Director

Premier Soap Material ,Colombia.


"After the mind boggling choice for business loans online and being rejected for a consolidation loan by my bank and mortgage provider, I stumbled across EFL Hong Kong via a Google search. I phoned up expecting the worst and more rejection but I found the Easy Finance advisor beyond professional.
I would like to personally thank EFL for their first class service and much needed help and advice. I would recommend EFGL to anyone, you won't be disappointed."

Daiz Fong Sung,CEO

Aber Waterjet Equipment ,Malaysia.


"From our initial contact with Easy Finance Ltd,HK through to obtaining the business finance we needed I cannot praise the service provided by Mr Yong highly enough. We received professional unbiased advice, detailed options relevant to our specific construction project, full explanations of payments and terms and a level of communication that was second to none. Based on this we were able to make a fully informed decision on the best finance for us at this time. If you are looking to raise business finance I would strongly recommend that you make Easy Finance Ltd,HK your first call"

Michelle Mark,Finance Manager

LSP Hall Construction Co.Ltd,Turkey.


"I would highly recommend Mr. Yu Ruifeng and his team at Easy Finance Loan Company – who are experts in their field. Easy Finance Limited have helped me when the Commerz Bank have been unable to provide any funding and have successfully obtained finance with a high quality and swift service.
Thomas Heinrich,Branch Manager.

Hodyson Trading Co.Limited,Germany.


Sometimes business events conspire to create a real short term funding crisis. We experienced one of those where investor fund raising would take too long and banks were slow to respond. With time of the essence you cannot imagine how delighted I was with the speed and quality of engagement that Easy Finance Limited, HK provided us in our dark hours of our client need. There information team are very responsive when communicating and highly knowledgeable with investment approach. It was a pleasant surprise to get to such a rapid decision point within days. Even when the result was negative, Easy Finance Limited continued to explore with urgency - solutions for us, truly demonstrating the spirit of going the extra mile. I can only recommend whole heartedly the experience engaging with the Easy Finance Business Loans team."
Ethan Ledger,Finance coordinator

UDG Capital,Australia.


Working with EASY FINANCE LIMITED was the best commercial loan experience of my life. I sent it in and then in 4 weeks went to closing. If you want work with less stress and increase your bottom line, you want to work with EASY FINANCE LIMITED…
Hiroyuki Takahashi,Director

Enifield Energy Corporation,Japan.


 “Being in the real estate business it is important to have trust, confidence and a good working relationship with the loan officers. The Loan Staff at Easy finance company, both commercial & residential, have always been extremely professional and accommodating to clients that I have worked with. This has also been the case with my personal loan needs as well.”Would truly recommend you. I've not known a procedure so simple and quick. Thank you."
Chan Phuong,Real Estate

Rivera's Construction Company,Cambodia.


"Easy Finance Hong Kong handled our application and understood our needs and how our business works with true professionalism. They put a lot of hard work and effort into getting the correct funding for us. A great personal service is what we received. Will be using them again. Would highly recommend"
Juwon Park Hu,Finance officer

Byrne worldwide Consturction co Ltd,South Korean.


I have worked with Mr.Yu on several occasions and he has consistently worked with professionalism and enthusiasm. The team will go out of their way to meet the needs and individual requirements of the client and will work hard to deliver the results that you want...Yong guided me through the financial process with transparency and efficiency. I was always confident that he was offering me the best advice. I look forward to continuing my business with Mr. Yu and Easy Finance Limited."

Sandy Muhammad,Consultant

Al Mad Finance Adviser,Qatar


"We found the services provided by Easy Finance Ltd very professional and honest. Everytime we made an enquiry we always had a prompt and direct answer. Personel have always been very polite. Hope we continue our relationship in the future."

Alexander Volker,Manager

Unipower Group of companies,Austria.


"It looks like everything has gone through. You guys did an excellent job in making sure everything went smoothly. I have done a lot of financing throughout the years, and I can say this was the most efficient by far. I have some other projects on the table, and will be contacting you later this summer. I hope we can continue to do business. Thanks again for the great effort and your truly professional service!"

Liu Wang Chang,Chief Executive Officer

TIT Exporting Pte Ltd,Singapore.